Exterior Murphy's Bar 9 High St Galway
Murphy's Bar 9 High St Galway

The perfect pint of Guinness at Murphy's Bar
The perfect pint of Guinness at Murphy's Bar

Murphy's Bar:

One of Galway’s oldest and best known pubs, Murphy’s Bar has been a family pub for 3 generations.

Situated at 9 High Street, one of the oldest parts of Galway City, Murphy’s retains the character of yesteryear.

Its reputation for serving great Guinness contributes to its huge popularity and may explain how the pub can boast customers spanning five generations. When you push open the door and see a line of creamy pints along the counter - you know you have found a good Guinness pub.

The friendly staff greet many customers by name, always a good sign in a pub. The walls are full of photos of past social trips by patrons and staff, giving the pub a homely, down-to-earth feel.

Senior citizens enjoy special concessions, and their pithy comments, wry observations and general banter with the staff, contribute to this pub’s unique atmosphere. It is a true ‘local’ and a companionable retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

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